City of Tijuana holds first ever jobs fair for deportees

Mayor Astiazarán stresses importance of addressing the needs of migrants on the border

TIJUANA.- With the aim of coordinating opportunities for immigrants deported back into Mexico and help them to develop labor skills- through projects that could reintroduce them into the job market-, Mayor Jorge Astiazarán Orcí opened the first ever Feria del Migrante Emprendedor, or Migrant Entrepreneur Fair, organized by the National Transformation Industry Chamber (Canacintra in Spanish).

During the event, held at the El Centro Delegation's main plaza, mayor Astiazarán acknowledged that Tijuana is one of Mexico's northern border cities with the highest flow of migrants, resulting in a high percentage of deportees without any job experience on this side of the border or far away from family members and other means for support, which is they need help in order to reenter the local job force.

"It's great to see the efforts of several organizations working to help one of the most vulnerable groups in society, like our migrants, who have been deported through this border and must be welcomed with opportunities to reenter the productive chain, giving them job security and lead to a restructuring of the social fabric", stressed the mayor.

For his part, the Canacintra Tijuana presidente, René Romandía Tomayo, commented that one of the goals of the fairs was to offer the region new high value options, through mechanism that aid projects from Mexican entrepreneurs.

Romandía Tamayo thanked the interested of the City for participating actively in improving the living conditions of its citizens, to add and strengthen public policies through development and migrant safety projects.

The state delegate for the National Migration Institute (Inami), Rodulfo Figueroa Pacheco, called on all those involved in the fair to address the problem with commitment, responsibility and sensibility, working on dignifying the lives of migrants.

Several other important figures were in attendance at the Migrant Entrepreneur Fair, among them the American consul general in Tijuana, Andrew S.E. Erickson; the City Public Safety chief, Alejandro Lares Valladares; Karim Chalita Rodríguez IV, the new El Centro Delegation directo, and hundreds of immigrants that approached several pavilions looking for job opportunities.

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