Baja California

New Tourist Routes Announced in Tijuana

The City Tour, Taco Tour and Wine Tour are added to the list of attractions

TIJUANA.- Baja California is the second most important tourist destination in Mexico, which by the end of this year will have received 11 million visitors, when just a decade ago it struggled to bring in about 3 million, reported Oscar Escobedo Carigan, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California (SECTURE), who stated that these positive numbers are the result of organizing events such as the Wine Tour.

He emphasized that this is the reason for his subsecretary and the Cotuco (Tijuana Visitor and Convention Office) joining forces to help promote the three new tourism proposals. He used the cruise ships, which dock in Ensenada, as an example. Half of the town's residents are unaware of the tourist destinations which are available in their own municipality.

"The three routes – that my friend, Meneses, has presented – are an opportunity for visitors to get to know the city, and today I can give you a taste of what's to come: we will soon have a cultural tour and a beer tour, as well," Escobedo confirmed.

Oscar Escobedo also announced that in conjunction with the UABC (Autonomous University of Baja California) they will train, at least, 30 tour guides, who are familiar with the region, and the points along the route, and who will serve to compliment this endeavour and ensure its success.

Jorge Perez Vazquez, director of the local Business Tourism's Strategic Solutions Commercialization department shared the details of each of these tours, and highlighted that the main goal is to show all of the good things that Tijuana has to offer, in conjunction with SECTURE and COTUCO (Tijuana Visitor and Convention Office). He stated that: "The purpose of these tours is to showcase local gastronomy and wine tasting offers in the city, as well as to promote the dynamics that can be experienced in Tijuana."

He added that the City Tour, the Taco Tour, and the Wine Tour were created precisely so that those who have heard the accolades of urban gastronomy in Tijuana – but are unfamiliar with the city – can explore what we have to offer. The tours are designed to highlight different points of interest in the city that complement the diverse activities that are available to tourists and locals alike.

As far as the City Tour, Jorge Perez explained that it lasts about four to five hours, and visits the city's most prominent attractions, such as CECUT (Tijuana's Cultural Center), Ceasar Restaurant's trademark salad, a tasting at Margaritas Village and at Cerverceria Tijuana. The tour would start at the border and move along the famous Avenida Revolucion, which is currently witnessing a resurgence.

The Taco Tour, which lasts approximately three hours, will visit four well known taco shops: Kokopelli, El Mazateño, Los Salseados and El Taconazo – where the visitor will get to try an characteristic taco and beverage at each location.

The Wine Tour is designed for those who don't have the time to visit Ensenada's wine country, but would like to try what the region has to offer. This tour takes visitors to Tijuana's wine-tasting rooms, for a tour that lasts approximately five hours. Visitors will get to see and try the offerings of four wine-tasting rooms in the city: Casa Baloyan, G Salinas, Baja Tierra, and LA Cetto.

Perez Vazquez indicated that the tours will cost between $450 and $650 pesos (From 35 to 50 USD).



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