Kevin Spacey Meets The President Of Mexico

Fans are not happy about the encounter

Two days ago House of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey, and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, shared a photo they took with each other via social media. Both joked about the chance encounter at a tourist event called Tianguis Turistico 2014 in Yucátan. But the actor’s fans did not think this was a laughing matter and social media followers heavily criticized him for the photo. The outcry was strong enough that the actor later tweeted to curb his fan's outrage, insinuating that he was in character as Frank Underwood when he met with the Mexican president.

Peña Nieto also joked that he won't divulge anything about the third season of House of Cards, and published a gallery of photos with the actor.

The reunion caused social media uproar, and followers wasted no time to create memes of the photographs with sayings like Pena Nieto telling the actor, "listen, I think that what you did to Zoey was completely necessary", or showing the president fumbling in English.

The third season of House of Cards is set to premiere February of next year on Netflix.



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