Baja California

First Annual "Tijuana Taco Tequila Fest"

The event is just around the corner

TIJUANA.- If something sets Mexico apart from other countries, it is the country's trademark cuisine: strong Tequila, and delicious Tacos. Tacos and Tequila are two things that any visitor must try out when coming to Mexico because apart from the flavors and socializing effects of liquor, they are also two very important and unique cultural heritages.

This coming 4th, 5th, and 6th of July, the First Annual Tijuana Taco Tequila Fest will be held in honor of these two things, and will be the first festival of its kind to do so. The event will be held at the Plaza Fiesta, directly next to La Plaza del Zapato, and right across the street from Plaza Rio.

The best tequila producers from Jalisco and the most popular taco curators will be present side by side during the event which will also include an art presentations accompany the tasting activities.

At a price of $50 pesos (4 USD) , entrance will include one free drink (beer or soda) and a taco of your choice. Don't forget the 4th, 5th, and 6th of July.



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