Formal Employment is on the Rise in Tijuana

Manufacturing Industry is Most Stable Business in Tijuana and Baja

TIJUANA.- During an informative reunion held by Tijuana's Economic Development Corporation (DEITAC), and a consulting firm, indicators presented show the stability of the maquiladora sector (manufacturing industry) in the State, and the addition of 17 new companies in Tijuana, which will entail an increase in formal employment as a result of the industry.

Baja California is still the country leader when it comes to the proportion of IMMEX companies, comprising 17.7 percent, which translates to an increase of 3% compared to last year.

It is worth noting that Tijuana has welcomed seventeen new business in the first half of this year, according to data provided by the Director of Ruiz Morales consulting firm, Dr. Juan Morales. "A growth of almost 8% has been reported in the maquila industry in the state and 9% in Tijuana. It is especially important to note that these are good quality and formal jobs that are reported to the State."

Morales also shared labor indicators obtained during the first half of the year. His report highlights the fact that the low personnel rotation is 2.6%, which means there is stability in terms of employment for the State.

DEITAC President Enrique Esparza reported that during the next week, a delegation from Baja California will be present at the most important aerospace convention. "We are promoting our aerospace cluster, which is the leader in Mexico; we will be meeting with 35 companies in an attempt to attract more manufacturing companies and providers for this industry to this region."

During the meeting, two companies were welcomed to DEITAC, P&C and Mutsutech, both companies are committed to promoting industry in the city and supporting sectoral growth as well.

Also present at the meeting was Accountant Humberto Insunza, who said that Tijuana now has a Metropolitan Strategic Plan and emphasized the importance of generating a plan for the growth of the city, "this strategic plan will enable us to increase the quality of life of those of us who live in this region and will identify key indicators so that we may compare ourselves with the best cities in the world."

The metropolitan plan integrates 35 interrelated projects, such as the rehabilitation of the downtown area, the Tijuana-Tecate highway, the Border Economic Zone, the Baja Center, and support of the industrial clusters. As far as the clusters, work will be done in conjunction with DEITAC in order to attract companies and generate a vision of global tendencies in the manufacturing industry.


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