Alternate Southbound Routes Announced during El Chaparral Repair Work

Authorities state that traffic will not be affected this Friday Night by work

TIJUANA.- As a result of sunken manholes just south of the El Chaparral border crossing, that resulted in uneven pavement and complaints from drivers entering Mexico on a daily basis, Tijuana's municipal government initiated repairs to correct the problem. The specific repair site is between Jose Maria Larroque streets and a pedestrian bridge, just to the left of the Playas de Tijuana on ramp south of the border crossing.

In a press conference, Secretary of Urban Development and Ecology, Roberto Sanchez Martinez, indicated that the government has conducted repairs to correct an issue that has caused many complaints, under the direction of Mayor Jorge Astiazaran.

According to the Secretary, "we initiated repairs on thirty square meters of pavement spanning from the entry into Mexico up to the pedestrian bridge, and we have installed hydraulic concrete in the affected areas. These repairs will take place around the clock so that we can reopen these streets for drivers by 10:00 am on Friday. "

He also indicated that lighting will be installed to illuminate this very area and a signage structure will be installed to help guide drivers, including electronic signage."

The Secretary of Public Security, Alejandro Lares Valladares, stated that by 5pm three lanes will be reopened, which will reduce the long lines that had occurred as a result of the repairs.

According to Lares, "two additional lanes will open today, one on the far right, and one on the far left, and repairs will only continue in the middle lane.

Access to Colonia Federal will be facilitated via Jose Maria Larroque street, which had previously been closed off by a turnstile.

Lares indicated that fifty officers will be present along the affected area and specifically in the the areas where traffic is heading North, to guide pedestrians and drivers.

Authorities are currently reviewing all future construction projects in great detail to ensure that affectations such as the delays suffered by thousands of drivers this week do not occur.

Tijuana's Municipal Government is asking that drivers be patient and take precautions in affected areas to ensure safety and prevent further delays.


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