Mexican Consulate Employee and SENTRI member caught smuggling Cocaine

He got away with it at least once before

A Mexican consulate worker was caught with over 100 pounds of cocaine which he brought into the U.S. from Mexico using his SENTRI pass, this according to Buzzfeed.

Jose Moreno Serrano had already raised suspicions from agents after they discovered two hidden compartments built in the undercarriage of his vehicle. Sometime between December and March, Department of Homeland Security agents placed a GPS tracking device on his car.

Using the device, they tracked his movement to and from his workplace at the Mexican Consulate in Yuma, Arizona. The morning he was busted, he deviated from his normal route to work and aroused suspicions of two agents that were tracking him. They pulled him over and informed him they were conducting an "extended border search" which provides law enforcement with legal leeway to search his vehicle.

Inside the hidden compartments, they found several packages of cocaine with a combined weight of 101.1 pounds, and a street value of more than $2.7 million dollars. Moreno, a low-level consulate employee that worked with Mexican nationals involved in the U.S. criminal system, was to be paid $4,000 for the delivery and it would have been his second delivery that week.

His contract with the consulate has been terminated and he will not be provided with legal assistance in the pending case.


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