California and Baja might share Energy resources

Jerry Brown proposed the idea during a recent trip to Mexico

SAN DIEGO.- Near the final leg of a trade delegation tour in Mexico, one of the most popular topics of discussion by California Governor Jerry Brown was that California and Baja California might soon share energy resources.

Brown indicated that the possibility of the two neighboring states sharing energy resources is not unlikely, and even signed an agreement with Mexican authorities to commit to looking in to the strategy in more depth.

The ability to share energy could reduce costs for users on both sides of the border. In conjunction with the Independent System Operator (ISO)

this could also open the door to the opportunity of increasing the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy.

During the year in course, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming have all opted to balance their energy production. California’s ISO spokesman, Oscar Hidalgo, indicated that noon is around the time when California generates the majority of its solar energy, and since the demand is so low, regions like Baja California may be able to benefit from this.



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