Confrontation between Congressman and Undocumented Immigrants Caught on Tape

Congressman surprised that they "speak good English" and another flees when he learns who they are

IOWA- Two undocumented immigrants got into it yesterday with one of the Republican congressmen who has been the most outspoken against any type of immigration reform, and it was all caught on tape. Another Congressman appeared to flee when he saw the undocumented migrants.

Both immigrants are activists, Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, who both successfully managed to avoid deportation thanks to the Deferred Action policy enacted by President Barack Obama, and implemented in 2012 to protect undocumented migrants that arrived in the U.S. as children before 2007 and who are currently under the age of 31. Andiola and Vargas approached Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) who were eating at a restaurant and greeting Iowan residents ( a state considered especially key to winning a presidential election which is why Rand Paul was there). Both activists approached King and said, if they really wanted to eliminate the Deferred Action policy, King could go ahead and rip their cards up.

VIDEO :The confrontation

Senator Rand Paul immediately left the scene, which he has justified by saying that he simply had other activities to tend to. Steve King stuck around to debate with Andila, but was clearly not ready for the confrontation and expressed surprise at how well Andila speaks English on multiple occasions, which apparently went against his perception of undocumented immigrants. Vargas, the other undocumented activist, quickly chimed in to say that he wanted to join the military after 9/11, as an American, even though he arrived in the country illegally at the age of five, but he was unable to join because of his status. Deferred Action has given him the opportunity to do more for his country.

They both uploaded the videos to Youtube and described their confrontation with King and Paul, describing King as "defensive" and showing "hatred and ignorance" toward them, and went as far as accusing them of being narco-traffickers. They also called on President Obama to do whatever is possible to stop the deportations of their parents and family members.


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