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Tijuana's Zonkey and Baja's Cuisine are officially recognized

Two of this region's emblems are now part of the official cultural heritage

Tijuana's iconic donkey-zebra, or Zonkey, has now been lodged in the official state register as cultural heritage of the State of Baja California. Roberto Lango, Founder of the nonprofit "Uni2", has achieved his dream of getting this emblematic heritage recorded in the Official State Register. By recognizing these animals as part of Tijuana's collective imagery, and receiving official recognition by authorities, this will enable these animals' owners to better care for them while preserving the century old tourist attraction on Avenida Revolucion for years to come.

Image by Lilia Hernández
Image by Lilia Hernández

Another regional emblem receiving official recognition is Baja California's cuisine, which has been ranked among the best in the world and has captured the attention of national and international critics alike, and turning Baja California into one of Mexico's most enticing tourism attractions in the process.

The process of obtaining official recognition of these two iconic cultural heritages took ten months, and will open the door for Baja California to continue to receive positive worldwide attention. The hope is to maintain and preserve traditions while creating new ones. The idea of receiving official recognition of Baja's cuisine was originally conceived by CCGM, the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomy Culture for Baja California.


*Learn more about CCGM here.

Baja California's gastronomy has been one of the state's most powerful attractions during recent years, and a cause furthered by key players, including chefs and culinary artists that have worked tirelessly to spread Baja's good name internationally, such as Javier Plascencia, Miguel Angel Guerrero, Diego Hernandez, Guillermo "Oso" Campos Moreno, Jair Tellez, Benito y Solange Molina, and Sabina "La Guerrerense" Bandera.

Source: Baja California's Official Diary



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