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Beer of the Week: "Vindicta" by Hellixir

The Oyster Stout straight from the sea to your senses

Baja California's culinary rebirth and the growth of the craft beer industry in the state is the talk of the town, and I think that few items reflect this better than the new beer by Hellixer, called "Vindicta". Vindicta is a Stout beer with an oyster base. Although the recipe is of European inspiration, the master brewers out of Playas de Tijuana have managed to fuse these elements with their characteristic style and the end result is a beer with tons of regional character and an excellent taste. "Vindicta", the name, is a homage to one of Sir Frances Drake's mystical ships, a source of inspiration for Hellixer's new sea-inspired creation.

Vindicta Oyster Stout
Vindicta Oyster Stout

Vindicta is a great beer with a Dry Stout base. One of its main ingredients are Baja California oysters. The result is a strong, dry, beer, with a slight salty aroma and salty aftertaste. Perfect for pairing with fresh seafood. Vindicta is currently for sale exclusively at 1994 Bar, in Tijuana.

*Map and Directions to 1994 Bar



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