Baja California

The flavors of Tacos Kokopelli will soon arrive in the "Windy City"

From Tijuana all the way to Chicago

TIJUANA.-Baja California's cuisine has crossed borders on its reputation for good quality and creativity above all. A clear example of this is Tijuana poster-child Tacos Kokopelli, which will soon be heading to Chicago's Wicker Park. There, Chicago eaters will learn that when it comes to tacos there is more than just carne asada. Tijuana has been delighted with their original tacos, with ingredients that include portobello mushrooms, marlin, and octopus.

The idea was proposed in 2012 when a businessman named Gerardo Santiago paid a visit to Tijuana and was taken by colleagues to eat at Tacos Kokopelli. He fell in love with the food and proposed to take the original concept to Wicker Park, Chicago. It took two years for the idea to formalize, and for them to find the perfect location, but Tacos Kokopelli will soon be opening its first international location.

Source: ChicagoMag



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