Baja California

Baja seeking new tourist attractions

May construct a new port between Ensenada and Los Cabos

TIJUANA.- With their sights set on promoting federal investments in the state, and exploring the possibility of constructing a new port, authorities of the National Tourism Promotion Fund (FONATUR) will visit Baja California.

According to Oscar Escobedo of Baja's State Tourism Secretariat (SECTURE), "in line with the policy of Governor Francisco Vega, we are focused on attracting investment in the state, which is why we will be hosting Hector Gomez Barraza, Director of FONATUR, and Jorge Ortega Chavez, Director of Tourism Sector Support Services."

Escobedo explained that cruiseship companies have expressed the difficulties of not having a mid-way point between Ensenada and Los Cabos for its tour lines, and this may spur the construction of a new port in Southern Baja California.

Escobedo went on to say, "right now, the priority is to ensure that these cruise ship operators stay in Baja and increase the number of tours and passengers arriving in the state, which is why we are exploring the possibility of opening a new port in the southern part of the state, which will also detonate the tourism sector and economic sector in that region.'

"Baja California has many attractions that have yet to be visited by tourists and we have 800 kilometers of Pacific coastline, and 600 kilometers of coastline on the Sea of Cortez, most of which is still untouched and can be a prime destination for many visitors; this is something that will be explored further with the national authorities as well as other investment opportunities."

Escobedo added that this year, the anticipated private investment in the tourism sector is anticipated to be above 473 million dollars, with another 36 million dollars of public investment; additionally, his department's priority is to attract more Federal funding to increase the impact of projects, which is why this visit will be of great importance.

Escobedo concluded by saying, "[w]e are very optimistic about this visit, and we trust that we can solidify many efforts that we have been working on since the start of this administration."



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