Closure of Beach Near Baja Malibu and Playa Blanca

Sparked by Health Concerns Related to Water Contamination

TIJUANA.- The beach at the southern limits of Tijuana and near- northern limit of Rosarito, –– directly in front of the Playa Blanca and Baja Malibu residential communities–– has been closed off pending an inspection by Tijuana’s Health and Safety department.

According to a report released today by Frontera, an urgent meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 19th, in order to address the contamination issue which puts marine life and human health at risk.

The contamination is reportedly a result of improperly functioning waste water processing plants. The matter has been deemed urgent because of the level of enterococcal levels present in the water that puts not only marine life what beach goer’s health at risk.

Authorities are asking that anybody that may have been affected by the water to contact the Clean Beaches Municipal Committee of Tijuana so that they may document affectations and pursue those responsible for the water contamination.


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