Majority of Politicians in Michoacan are Knight's Templar Members

This according to an outspoken Pastor that wears a bulletproof vest during mass

MICHOACAN.- Father Gregorio Lopez, one of Michoacan's most outspoken pastors when it comes to the crisis Michoacan is suffering through, claims that the government and government corruption is to blame for the level of insecurity in the state, brought on by drug traffickers. How can it be combated if, according to him, 90% of the state's politicians are associated with the so-called Knight Templars cartel?

A new Security and Integral Development commision has been tasked with locating Servando Gomez La Tuta and with reducing the level of violence and prevent organized crime from corrupting the upcoming state elections. But, Father "Goyo" fears that this is unlikely, considering the fact that the amount of drug traffickers involved in the political system is so high. This was revealed in a video released on Youtube.

Gregorio López
Gregorio López

In this video, which began circulating the web on Tuesday, the pastor states that La Tuta is the godfather of the political class, and that is why it is not in the government's interest to stop him. In addition to these accusations, he touched on the capture of the outspoken defense leader Jose Manuel Mireles, which.



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