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Check out what Telefonica Gastro-Park has to offer

Two new options for food and coffee in Tijuana

When one thinks of urban food or food trucks, it is easy to automatically imagine tacos and hamburgers being served-albeit gourmet version which are now common throughout the city. However, few could imagine eating something that looks as though it could be served in the Mediterranean, which is honestly not something we see in this city too often.

This is why a visit to the Telefonica GastroPark in Tijuana is such a pleasant surprise, Creta, is a new food truck that has specialized in this type of cuisine, and they have done a great job. Chef Marco Antonio Martinez has been in the business for many years, but this is his first endeavor in this type of cuisine. From pitas, pastas, to salads, Creta's chef has seen to it to ensure that his guests experience authentic Mediterranean food using ingredients sourced both locally and from abroad.

Directly across Creta, you'll find Farniente, a small corner specializing in good quality coffee and a wide variety of coffee beans and styles to choose from. Sounds just about right on a cold day like today.

Just a fun fact, Farniente buys its beans from Sospesso- a coffee aficionado favorite in Tijuana- and they even have their own products such as Cold Brew and Nectar. However, their approach to coffee is very different, milk and sugar are permitted and their is no sense of pretentiousness. Coffee lovers, rejoice!



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