Rey Mysterio Won't Retire From Lucha Libre

He denied the comments from fellow wrestler Rey Bucanero

MEXICO.- After news broke out that Rey Mysterio Jr, was thinking of retiring, the wrestler denied these allegations to David Meltzer during an event in Santa Clara, California, saying that he will remain in Mexico's Lucha Libre for a few more years given that he is currently under contract with Triple A wrestling.

"They announced my retirement, but that's not happening", said the wrestler during the event.

With that said, he discards any news spread by the media who just yesterday assured that Mysterio would be leaving the ring. Furthermore, following a philosophy that life goes on, the wrestler continues to comply with his commercial, sporting and social commitments in order to pay his respects to the late Hijo del Perro Aguayo.

The next for Rey Mysterio is to take a short break before reappearing in Triple A's stellar caravan.

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