From NY to TJ a Cyclist's Journey

During 30 day the Attorney Ignacio Anaya Barriguete, a Tijuana native and passionate sport enthusiastic, made headlines yet again, this time by traveling only by riding a bicycle from the city of New York to...

Ignacio Anaya does it again and outdoes himself, this time with a cyclist run. During 30 day the Attorney Ignacio Anaya Barriguete, a Tijuana native and passionate sport enthusiastic, made headlines yet again, this time by traveling only by riding a bicycle from the city of New York to Tijuana. Doing it alone and truly only with his bike and when it was impossible to ride it, he did it by foot. When he sat done with the San Diego Red staff for this interview, it was easy to spot in his office his real essence, how different he is, between his law books we saw miniature toy cars, pictures of him in a suit and also in his workout gear. Very random to see the pictures, to be his student at one time and now to see him sitting across his desk in sports gear and wearing a ?Welcome to Tijuana" shirt, tennis shoes and a baseball cap with the legend ?Iron man". When we began our little chat, we stumbled upon even more surprises; turns out he also studied to be a public accountant. How? To anyone, this seems to be very different things to dedicate your life to, these careers and extreme sports. One will never imagine that the same person who is teaching you about law, who you see in a court house and how can represent you with any problems with the law, be the same person who made a cross country journey in the back of a bike, the same person who climbed all the way to the top of Mount Everest and that behind that suit hides a sportsman, not just any sports but extreme sports and with a long career behind him and an even longer one in front. Once again showing that you cannot judge a book by its cover, one of the many pleasant surprises that life brings our way. We have to be open to everything, because life throws people like him along our way. But, where does this passion for extreme sports come from? ?Well, since I was a little boy I have always loved athletics cycling, although I never practiced neither of them in a professional matter. However, after studying two careers, I mentioned earlier that i{m a lawyer, before that I also studied to become a public accountant and I studied a masters. But there comes a time in which I decided to return to sports, I started practicing mountain climbing, hiking tall mountains and practicing at the same time cycling took me to other alternatives. I began to participate in triathlons, ironman?s and because of that I made the decision to begin other activities, ones that where even more risky, like climbing that tallest mountain that is the Everest or completing a cross country journey." This challenges and goals leave you with a personal satisfaction when completed, and also the majority of them are done for a very good cause. Especially one to benefit children who are unfortunately ill of cancer, Anaya wears the shirt and raises the flag. They are in a struggle for their lives and with his events; he has created several campaigns to help them. Besides this cause, Anaya also stands for the ?You are what you eat" and the ?You can do it". The first time Anaya made headlines was in 2010, when he decided to reach the top of Mount Everest. It came up in a very casual chit chat among close friends, friends who share the same passion for sports and with them this casual plan came up? to reach the top of the highest mountain in the world! With a height of 8848 meters over sea level, it is located in the Himalaya between the frontier of China and Nepal, in the Asian continent. An almost impossible challenge to overcome, about it he stated ?We made it to the top on May 17th 2010, it was not easy, it was a great odyssey, but we made it, we were able to accomplish that dream and although we had some minor health issues, it is something that I will never regret, the fact that I reached that mountain top, that I made it. I believe that climbing a mountain is a dream and that we are all called to make them happen." About his very daring and crazy adventure, of traveling the United States by bicycle Anaya mentioned ?Almost a year ago we spent the holiday season in the city of Los Angeles and decided to come back riding my bike, so then I thought, well if it possible to travel from LA to Tijuana and I come back safe and sound. Why not do it from NYC? That I show this very uncommon idea came up, so I decided to study and trace the routes of the whole country, the different states that I could go through." This route was made out to be complete in a 30 day period, with 3730 miles, that are around 5,000 kilometers. One of the things that he cannot stop mentioning and made a point about was a special message to residents of the United States especially to the residents of San Diego ?I am very grateful with the residents, because in the 30 day journey I was never bothered not once. Nobody ever approached me, nobody called the authorities, not a police man, a sheriff, an agent, nobody! No one asked me what I was doing or where I was going or to identify myself. The truth of the matter is that I enjoyed great respect and it that way I am very thankful to the citizens of the states I traveled through." He made it very clear that this journey was only made by bike and that if there was an issue or if this media failed, he would have to finish by foot. Anaya feels a strong personal commitment to take Tijuana´s name at a high, to show that it is a positive city, with many things to put on the plate. He is one of the many people that puts Tijuana?s name at high, that want to change the destiny and the face of this amazing city. Ignacio Anaya wants to proof that if you set your mind to it you can do it! If each one does its part, does not matter how small it is or how small you think it is. Tijuana is a great city, rich in so many aspects that unfortunately it does not have the best reputation. Every day we can see more and more people who are joining this cause and we can show that it is not just a fashion statement, it´s what has to be done, be proud of your city, your country, your nationality. Video: Translation:


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