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  • Three More Actors Join Tarantino s  The Hateful Eight

    Three More Actors Join Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight"

    Por: Cynjen Romero   |   Hace 1 día

    Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walter Goggins and Demian Bichir will also be in the film

    Lee Horsley, Craig Strak and Belinda Owino have joined the cast of "The Hateful Eight", the next upcoming film of acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino. The movie which will be filmed in United States, Colorado, includes a cast of renown artists such as Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walter Goggins, Demian Bichir, Micheal Madsen and Channing Tatum. Most of the artist...

  • 6 Things To Do This Weekend in Tijuana and San Diego  (January 16th and 17th)

    6 Things To Do This Weekend in Tijuana and San Diego (January 16th and 17th)

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 semana

    Let's get those motors running

    TIJUANA/SAN DIEGO.- As usual, another weekend full of fun stuff to do has come around, so step out of your routine a bit. If you still don't know what to do and are looking for fun and entertainment, this list is for you: Friday January 16th: Visit the Carlos Monsiváis Hall at CECUT: Source México es Cultura Take advantage of the new cycle of Tijuana's Cineteca...

  • Free Admission to the  Tutankamon  Exhibit Every Monday of January

    Free Admission to the "Tutankamon" Exhibit Every Monday of January

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 semana

    Starting today. Don't miss it!

    TIJUANA.- After two months of being inaugurated, the exhibit "Tutankamon. La Tumba, el oro y la maldicion" (Tutankamon. The tomb, the gold and the curse) will offer free admission every Monday of this month, for anyone who hasn't been able to the 200 pieces that reveal the art, religion and culture of Seventh Egyptian Dynasty. Among the 200 articles you can find, there are thirty original...

  • Dirty Dancing  opens in San Diego

    "Dirty Dancing" opens in San Diego

    Por: Fernanda Moran   |   Hace 2 semanas

    The great musical has broken records world wide

    "Dirty Dancing" will be showing at the San Diego Civic Theatre until Sunday, January 11th. For those who aren't familiarized with the play, it tells the story of Baby and Johnny , two young, fierce and free spirits from different worlds, who live a passionate summer romance turning in the best thing that ever happened to them. The play includes the songs "Hungry Eyes", "Hey Baby",...

  • Top 10 Most Read Books in Mexico in 2014

    Top 10 Most Read Books in Mexico in 2014

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 2 semanas

    Featuring Tijuana native Miguel Ruiz with "The Four Agreements"

    MEXICO.- There are hundreds of books on shelves in libraries and book stores patiently waiting to be opened in 2015, because we all know that "reading more" is a common resolution this time of year that many never get around to. And plenty of Mexicans think no one in the country ever reads, but let us remind ourselves that many eventually do go out and at least buy books, so let us give credit...

  • Here s the first promo for next year s Oscars!

    Here's the first promo for next year's Oscars!

    Por: Fernanda Moran   |   Hace 4 semanas

    The awards will take place on February 22nd

    Today, ABC released the first promo clip for the upcoming 2015 Academy Awards: VIDEO: Oscars Promo: Christmas Presents http://www.metatube.com/en/videos/260656/First-Oscar-s-Promo/ Neil Patrick Harris says the best gift for this holiday season is watching him at the ceremony, what do you think? This 2015, the "How I Met Your Mother" actor, along with the whole...

  • The Interview  breaks illegal downloading records in Asia

    "The Interview" breaks illegal downloading records in Asia

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 4 semanas

    Hundreds of thousands of people wanted to see what the fuss was about

    Controversy sometimes is the best marketing campaign there is, and prohibiting "The Interview" has worked wonders for Sony, proving to be one of their most successful films of the year as well as the most illegally downloaded, specially in the Asian market. According to the New York Times , the film turned out to be a phenomenon within just a few hours of being available for digital...

  • Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter split

    Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter split

    Por: Selene Reynoso   |   Hace 1 mes

    After a thirteen year relationship, the goth couple ended their relationship

    UNITED KINGDOM.- The famous couple Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, who never got married, has confirmed their break up after a thirteen year relationship and two kids. The news was came from People magazine, through Helena's agent saying that the couple still maintains their friendship and that they've ask the media to keep discretion and respect their privacy, as well as the privacy...

  • Mexico paid almost $6 million to Sony for latest Bond film

    Mexico paid almost $6 million to Sony for latest Bond film

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 mes

    Part of the movie will be filmed in the Mexican capital

    MEXICO.- It's no secret that the new James Bond movie, titled Spectre, will have different locations worldwide, turning it in one of the most expensive among the franchise's 24 films. To be specific, the total cost of its production will be $300,000,000 dollars , meaning that Sony spent $50,000,000 more than it did with Skyfall, and of which $6,000,000 will be provided courtesy of the...

  • Robin Williams was 2014 s Most Searched on Google

    Robin Williams was 2014's Most Searched on Google

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 mes

    Google reveals its list of this year's top inquiries

    WORLD.- One of the most talked about events this year, according to Google, was Robin Williams' death, after committing suicide last August. The departure of a comedy icon shocked the world after discovering his depression problems, and artists as well the public, mourned his passing for weeks. During this time, we were able to see several homages made to him, in form of quotes and his...