Beer of the Week: Black Phillips Mint Stout From Tres B

Welcome Fall with this delicious beer

Summer is coming to an end, and with that all your hopes and dreams (just kidding), but seriously, is ending… Anyway, there's always a good thing in every bad story, and this time is BEER. Fall is getting closer and with it new dark and seasonal flavors. The brewery wizards from Tres B have used black magic to create an exquisite and refreshing Mint Stout to welcome the season: The Black Phillips Mint Stout.


The Black Phillips Mint Stout doesn't make much foam and it has a very slight smell of coffee, mint, and delicious roasted malt. This beer is very easy to drink and it has a light chocolate flavor, so no matter if day's a bit warm, you can still feel your body freshen up. Besides, who doesn't like a beer with a reference to one of the best horror films of the year?


This Mint Stout can only be found at The Show: Beer & Rock Bar in Mexicali B.C., but according to one of the brewers from Tres B, it will soon be available in different outlets of the whole Baja.

The Show: Beer & Rock Bar is located at Calzada Cuauhtémoc #1326-2 en Mexicali BC.

For more information visit the official Facebook page of Cerveza Tres B.


Didn't like this review? Complain to Jorgue Guevara's Twitter account @jorgepilgrim. Jorge was born in Tijuana, he's a moviegoer, comic lover, and part of the Roller Derby team from Mexicali.


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