Union leader Elba Esther Gordillo shops her way to prison

Style at a high price

Neiman Marcus is one of the most exclusive and expensive department stores in the world, that has small in-store boutiques from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Valentino and many more. Boutiques which can be found Mexico City while taking a walk through the famous Masaryk Street.

The director of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico, Beatriz Calles, mentioned this prestigious store by saying, "there are a lot nice and high priced things in Neiman Marcus, but as we earn pesos. After paying bills it's almost impossible to buy something there."

This statement is not too far from the truth, where even the most generic brand of makeup is more expensive there than anywhere else.

This store has now become very famous in Mexico after the arrest of Elba Esther Gordilla, who is the leader of the Mexican Union of Education Workers, and was accused of embezzling or rather spend money to pay for her luxuries in the modest sum of 125 million dollars.

What did the Union Queen Elba Esther Gordillo spend some of this money on? Here are a few items.

On several occasions, Gordillo was seen wearing ridiculously expensive clothes and accessories, such as: Louis Vuitton Bracelet with an approximate value of $ 4,000

Several classic Chanel suits worth around $ 20,000 dollars in more than 5 occasions.

Let's not forget also the luxurious mansion in San Diego, California, worth $ 1.7 million dollars and the Hummers with an estimated value of about $ 50,000 each, which were raffled among the Mexican Union of Education Workers (SNTE) members.





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