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  • Smoking Doesn t Reduce Stress or Anxiety

    Smoking Doesn't Reduce Stress or Anxiety

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 7 minutos

    It actually favors depression

    MEXICO.- Being addicted to cigarettes is an affliction that over 10.9 million Mexicans know to perfection. They are addicted to them without any regards of the warnings in its packaging, such as dead rats, cancer or fetus illustrating their covers. Furthermore, they enjoy it without guilt, saying that "they have to die of something" as well as pointing out that they benefit from it, given...

  • Google Blogs Say Goodbye To Pornography

    Google Blogs Say Goodbye To Pornography

    Por: Alain González   |   Hace 5 días

    Shared sexual contents will be prohibited through Blogger

    MADRID, SPAIN.- Google announced this Tuesday that starting March 23rd they will prohibit any shared sexual content through their platform Blogger. The update in their policies forbids sexually explicit content, while nudity will still be permitted if it offers a public benefit given that it fits an artistic, educative, documentary or scientific profile. In case the users are owners...

  • This Valentine’s Day: Stay Home!!!

    This Valentine’s Day: Stay Home!!!

    Por: Lilia Montijo   |   Hace 2 semanas

    There is nothing better tan a homemade dinner with lots of munchies and treats

    If you’re for looking something more tan especial to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we recommend that you stay home, make some dinner accompanied by lots of movies and treats. Lots of times we keep banging our head against the wall trying to pick the perfect restaurant for this day, but there is actually nothing better tan to plan and make dinner yourself within the comfort of your own...

  • 5 Different Ways To Spend Valentine s Day This Year In San Diego

    5 Different Ways To Spend Valentine's Day This Year In San Diego

    Por: Lilia Montijo   |   Hace 3 semanas

    The time has come where everywhere you look is red & pink. Here are some fun options for you to do on this day.

    Valentine's Day is a special date where you can show your significant other of much it means to you, which is why, here is a list of five original activities you can do with that special someone: Take a romantic ride aboard a gondola : Valentine's day is the perfect occasion for you and your partner to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing stroll through Coronado Cays, aboard a gondola, where...

  • Why do some people get depressed on Christmas?

    Why do some people get depressed on Christmas?

    Por: Alain González   |   Hace 2 meses

    It's not something economical, it's biological

    WORLD.- Do you feel isolated, sad, with low self esteem and with a lack of energy for anything? No, you're not turning into The Grinch, but you could be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) was defined for the first time in 1984 by psychiatric specialist Norman E. Rosenthal. SAD (Apt acronym) a type of depression that presents itself by...

  • A Holiday Wine Dinner with the Baja Wine Club

    A Holiday Wine Dinner with the Baja Wine Club

    Por: SanDiegoRed   |   Hace 2 meses

    At Romesco's, enjoy a night of Baja wines, great food and Holiday cheer

    BONITA.- This Wednesday, December 17th, the Baja Wine Club invites you for their Holiday Wine Dinner at Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro in Bonita , with a cost of $55 dollars per person, plus tax and gratuity. The dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. and includes 6 flights of Baja wines, paired with 6 course Baja Mediterranean tapas, 50% off wine bottles offered , followed by live DJ...

  • The 5 most amazing Christmas trees in the world

    The 5 most amazing Christmas trees in the world

    Por: Selene Reynoso   |   Hace 2 meses

    Christmas is just around the corner and it wouldn’t be Christmas without a traditional tree

    Its wonderful smell, pointy figure, color and lights surrounding it tells us that December is here and in just a few days Christmas will be something to rejoice about. We know Christmas is near when we see a Christmas tree, but do you know its meaning? The origin of a Christmas tree goes way back to a tradition that was practiced in Northern Europe way before the birth of Jesus...

  • Weird things about Mexico that foreigners don’t understand

    Weird things about Mexico that foreigners don’t understand

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 2 meses

    10 things that usually surprise tourists

    MEXICO.- There are many things in Mexico that are considered normal given that’s how we’ve seen them and grown up to ever since we were born: For example, public transportation that stops at every corner or even in the middle of the street. Knowing that you shouldn’t drink tap water. Drugs sto res that sell beer, and sometimes even tortillas as well as medicine. What “weird” things have...

  • A Black Friday on the Border

    A Black Friday on the Border

    Por: Jill Holslin   |   Hace 3 meses

    Our resident "gabacha" talks about letting go of the particular American tradition

    I had to laugh this week when a friend posted a status update on Facebook that the shorter border wait times are going to mean booming Black Friday sales for San Diego merchants . I'm an American citizen, I have a full-time job in San Diego, and I've enjoyed a rich, full life in Tijuana for the past 3 and a half years. Never looked back. Not once. And so I guess I should hurry up and get...

  • This Old House: Tijuana Style

    This Old House: Tijuana Style

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 4 meses

    Two October events at Art Produce Gallery focus on Tijuana's neighborhoods

    Tijuana is thriving. And you see this mostly in Tijuana's neighborhoods, its rows of new master-planned communities decorating the landscape, "For Sale" signs on every corner. Two events coming up in October at Art Produce Gallery in San Diego's North Park neighborhood engage with this scramble for land, streets and sidewalks, and roof overhead. They are part of a six-week binational...