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  • A Holiday Wine Dinner with the Baja Wine Club

    A Holiday Wine Dinner with the Baja Wine Club

    Por: SanDiegoRed   |   Hace 1 semana

    At Romesco's, enjoy a night of Baja wines, great food and Holiday cheer

    BONITA.- This Wednesday, December 17th, the Baja Wine Club invites you for their Holiday Wine Dinner at Romesco Mexiterranean Bistro in Bonita , with a cost of $55 dollars per person, plus tax and gratuity. The dinner starts at 6:30 p.m. and includes 6 flights of Baja wines, paired with 6 course Baja Mediterranean tapas, 50% off wine bottles offered , followed by live DJ...

  • The 5 most amazing Christmas trees in the world

    The 5 most amazing Christmas trees in the world

    Por: Selene Reynoso   |   Hace 2 semanas

    Christmas is just around the corner and it wouldn’t be Christmas without a traditional tree

    Its wonderful smell, pointy figure, color and lights surrounding it tells us that December is here and in just a few days Christmas will be something to rejoice about. We know Christmas is near when we see a Christmas tree, but do you know its meaning? The origin of a Christmas tree goes way back to a tradition that was practiced in Northern Europe way before the birth of Jesus...

  • Weird things about Mexico that foreigners don’t understand

    Weird things about Mexico that foreigners don’t understand

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 2 semanas

    10 things that usually surprise tourists

    MEXICO.- There are many things in Mexico that are considered normal given that’s how we’ve seen them and grown up to ever since we were born: For example, public transportation that stops at every corner or even in the middle of the street. Knowing that you shouldn’t drink tap water. Drugs sto res that sell beer, and sometimes even tortillas as well as medicine. What “weird” things have...

  • A Black Friday on the Border

    A Black Friday on the Border

    Por: Jill Holslin   |   Hace 3 semanas

    Our resident "gabacha" talks about letting go of the particular American tradition

    I had to laugh this week when a friend posted a status update on Facebook that the shorter border wait times are going to mean booming Black Friday sales for San Diego merchants . I'm an American citizen, I have a full-time job in San Diego, and I've enjoyed a rich, full life in Tijuana for the past 3 and a half years. Never looked back. Not once. And so I guess I should hurry up and get...

  • This Old House: Tijuana Style

    This Old House: Tijuana Style

    Por: Jill Marie Holslin   |   Hace 2 meses

    Two October events at Art Produce Gallery focus on Tijuana's neighborhoods

    Tijuana is thriving. And you see this mostly in Tijuana's neighborhoods, its rows of new master-planned communities decorating the landscape, "For Sale" signs on every corner. Two events coming up in October at Art Produce Gallery in San Diego's North Park neighborhood engage with this scramble for land, streets and sidewalks, and roof overhead. They are part of a six-week binational...

  • Mexicans: Amongst the Most Sexually Satisfied in the World

    Mexicans: Amongst the Most Sexually Satisfied in the World

    Por: José Luis Sánchez Macías   |   Hace 5 meses

    The country always ranks as one of the best lovemaking countries

    MEXICO.-“Who are the most sexually satisfied people in the world?” is the question that a website set out to discover. AlterNet.org selected fifteen countries after putting together various international studies on sexual habits around the world. They included global studies conducted by condom company Durex , and others that were realized by universities and magazines like Men’s...

  • Quppi: A prepaid card for your money transfers to Mexico

    Quppi: A prepaid card for your money transfers to Mexico

    Por: Brenda Colón   |   Hace 11 meses

    Fast, safe, no fees and no monthly payments, a new way to send remittances

    CALIFORNIA.- In recent years, transferring money to Mexico via remittances have been made more difficult due to the economic slowdown north of the border and overall overall problems with the processes, such as fees and unreliable providers for remittance services. A new service seeks to solve these problems, through a prepaid card called Quippi , a simple way of sending money without...

  • Crazy Latin American New Year s traditions!

    Crazy Latin American New Year's traditions!

    Por: Jorge Guevara   |   Hace 11 meses

    Some of them are weird, while others...kind of make sense!

    Every country and region in the world welcomes the new year on December 31st and January 1st in its own unique way, although it is safe to say most always share it with friends and family. But there are always traditions, rituals and superstitions that come with the new year and which are unique to each of the world's peoples, with some being as common as hugs, while others not so much. And...

  • Mexican women among the “easiest” in the world

    Mexican women among the “easiest” in the world

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 año

    According to a seducing book writer, it is more likely that a woman will sleep with you if she's Mexican

    *Read this article in Spanish We could easily generate a debate about what we understand when we mean “being easy”, a term which is used in a sexual context to disapprove of a women who doesn't go by the parameters of what “should be” a good woman according to society. A woman’s sexual freedom is treated like something unthinkable, immoral and degrading, despite it being pointed out...

  • Why do we celebrate “Dia de Muertos”?

    Why do we celebrate “Dia de Muertos”?

    Por: Elizabeth Rosales   |   Hace 1 año

    Get to know the meanings behind this Mexican tradition in which we remember our lost ones

    Every culture has it's own way of honoring it's dead, in Mexico, there are 2 specific days each year in which we visit them and pray for their rest. November 1st is for the children who died before their time, while November 2nd is used to remember adults who also passed away. During these days, friends and family of the deceased go to graveyards where they rest to leave them flowers and...