Immigrant workers in California : up 30%

Most of them are Latino

Immigrant workers in California : up 30%Angela Meléndez from El Salvador smiles next to her food truck in Los Angeles. EFE Agency
Angela Meléndez from El Salvador smiles next to her food truck in Los Angeles. EFE Agency

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LOS ANGELES.- The number of immigrant workers in California, the majority being Latinos, rose almost a 30% from 2000 to 2012, according to a report published today by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI).

This study also shows that in 2012 more than 35% of the civil workers over 16 years of age were foreign.

With over a 55% of them coming from Latin America, from the total of the California immigration workers in 2010, more than 5 out of 10 were not citizens and 4 out of 5 did not have a junior high school diploma.

In 2010 the foreign population made up a 27% of California’s inhabitants; more than a third from those arrived to the western state after 2000, according to the “Labor Force Characteristics” report.

From the 2010 immigrant population living in California 42.5% was born in Mexico, 8% in the Philippines and 5.7% in China; states the paper.

Almost 8 out of every 10 California immigrants who entered the country before 1980 are citizens now, compared to less that 14% of the ones that arrived after 2000.

According to 2010 data registered on the report, from the immigrant population in California 6% were minors, 68% were of working age (18 to 54) and 26% were older than 54 years of age.

The 53% of the foreign population in California identifies as Latin, while 32% of the people born in California identify as Hispanics, says the report.

Translation : Karen Balderas

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