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Tijuana Innovadora 2012: A Celebration of Cross-Border Initiatives, Oct. 11-21

Factoids and innovations of the city highlighted

Tijuana Innovadora 2012: A Celebration of Cross-Border Initiatives, Oct. 11-21Images by Tijuana Innovadora and
Images by Tijuana Innovadora and

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By Jack E. George Via

Did you know that Tijuana and other Baja municipalities have launched initiatives to plant a total of two million trees per year to address a severe shortage of green spaces?

Did you know that Tijuana has more than 30,000 workers making medical devices — a medical device workforce larger than any other in North America?

Did you know that Tijuana is becoming a force in fashion, with new designers and producers being welcomed into the global marketplace?

Did you know that Tijuana is one of the hottest topics in the world of wine and gastronomy?

Tijuana Innovadora 2012:

A Celebration of Cross-Border Initiatives

Tijuana Innovadora 2012 is rapidly approaching. The event runs October 11-21 at the Cultural Center of Tijuana (CECUT). This will be the third year that the U.S.-Mexican cross-border initiatives are celebrated. The first year hosted a number of personalities including Al Gore, Larry King, and Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone. The major goal of the event is to highlight to local and international audiences the innovative ideas in the areas of science, art, culture, and education that have been, and are presently available in Tijuana.

The 2012 conference will be divided into three major themes: Creativity, Industrial, and Humanities. Each day there will be a number of activities which will include keynote speakers, such as Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS Shoes. There will also be panel discussions, workshops, dinners, and special events. The speakers will be leaders and innovators in their chosen fields, from the United States as well as from Latin America. Each presentation will be available in English and Spanish through innovative simultaneous translations.

There is no doubt, once the event concludes, that the many guests will fully understand what makes Tijuana a vital, unique, and innovative city.

The organizers of the event are trying to keep the entry fees as low as possible. These fees will be for the keynote speakers, panel discussions, and special events, as well as other activities such as theater productions, art exhibits, and film screenings. A variety of activities will be offered including a bicycle tour, an international fashion show, and an “Iron Chef” style battle for the top culinary chef.

Sam 'The Cooking Guy' Zien and Marcella Valladolid, host of the Food Network's "Mexican Made Easy" program will host the Iron Chef-style competition at Tijuana Innovadora 2012: A Celebration of Cross-Border Initiatves

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