The new window to the culture in Tijuana

A different look to the activity of the artistic community

The new window to the culture in TijuanaEl Grafógrafo. Joy Ruvalcaba
El Grafógrafo. Joy Ruvalcaba

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Located in the heart of the city the once forgotten Pasaje Rodriguez, is now one of those spots to go to in the city, where you can find almost anything, well almost anything from a cultural point of view.

Libraries, galleries, clothing stores, gift shop, cafes, restaurant, and walls that are painted with graffiti art painted by one of the best graffiti art artist of the city, whom has received many awards and recognition in the country, and demonstrating once again that urban art is not synonymous of vandalism, but instead it’s a type of art that is increasing in popularity proudly by Mexicans and yet better by a Tijuanense.

These are only a few things you can find at the hallway that is made up of 35 small shops.

One of the many interesting shops at this place is the “Grafografo”, which opened its doors in 2012.

What is this place? It’s a library that also has a café, and is a meeting point for literature lovers.

Here you can find all types of books that can help you explore new horizons, written by authors who are very well known, and of authors who are not really recognized yet.

For all of those who can never satisfy their hunger for books because of their high cost, El Grafografo is a great option.

Rene Castillo, who is the owner of this place, spoke to SanDiegoRed and said that “the name Grafografo is the same name of the text from writer Salvador Elizondo, who passed away in 2006.

You can say it’s like a short story, which in reality is a short text where they play with the language and its limits, creating a type of recycling writing”.

As far as the location Castillo said, “when my business consultant from FELIUS Nancy Bonilla and I were looking for a location, we were invited to Pasaje Rodriguez as a cultural project that would house a dozen of Tijuanense artists.

We also considered the social impact and benefits we could achieve by being part of this project, that would give us the opportunity to reach out to more people who pass by the down town area, and that’s how we got here to this hallway, and since then we have been sharing our work with the public, in which actually this place is a very interesting meeting point, and the reason for that is because this is a place where people pass by every day and its part of their daily lives as they head toward various types of public transportation, and then there are those who are tourist who are just visiting the city.

We have learned a lot, and I think it’s one of the best things about this hallway that has not only given us the opportunity to share our work, but also to meet the people and learn from them”.

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