Human Trafficking in Tijuana: A must see Film

Interview with the director of the documentary “FELIX: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler”

Human Trafficking in Tijuana: A must see FilmCourtesy of Adriana Trujillo
Courtesy of Adriana Trujillo

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Almost every day there is always some type of news that comes from the border between Mexico and the United States near Tijuana, and all of the films related to these have caused controversies and have generated polemics, from such a classic films like “Touch of Evil” (1958) or the newest documentary Felix: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler (2011).

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Meeting at the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), and sitting on some seats in the radio station workshop that is located in the Humanities department building, we then began the interview with the director and screenwriter Adriana Trujillo on November 1st.

Who is Adriana Trujillo? Well she is actually a native of Tijuana, and currently a communications professor at the UABC, who also graduated with a Master’s Degree in Documentaries from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She has been the director of documentaries like “Postales Corporales” (2005), “Geografías Cruzadas” (2006), “Félix: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler” (2011) and her most recent work “Skin Destination” (2012), which she presented at the Film Festival of Morelia this week.

In regards to films the director expressed to us, “I discovered that one of the types of format, genres or type of films that I felt passionate about was documentaries or non-fiction films.”

VIDEO: Adriana Trujillo Interview

The documentary of “Felix: Self-Fictions of a Smuggler,” is based on part of the life of someone who is a home movie film maker, actor, and human trafficker in Tijuana where he runs a smuggling network of people.

Felix has managed to work and validate his immigration status in the United States without having to transgress the border, by hiring Americans to carry out the job and fooling the strict government controls set up by the United States.

In the interview we asked Adriana Trujillo about the film, which she responded that “The journey of Felix in Festivals has been very interesting; it started off with its debut in the International Film Festival of Guadalajara this year in May, and from there it has not stopped from being shown and exhibited 2 or 3 times per month in festivals around the world.”

Felix has lived through the transformation of "the border" that divides these two countries, and has managed to tell his story through multiple low budget films in which he reveals his actions, strategies and methods.

“Felix is a portrait of an actor who is a fan of low budget border movies, whom I met under that context when I finished graduate school, and I was very interested in making films in an alternative way in which I was not use to,” said the filmmaker.

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