Welcome to Tijuana, the real one

A book from Tijuana natives to the rest of the world

Welcome to Tijuana, the real oneCourtesy Álvaro Montaño
Courtesy Álvaro Montaño

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It seems like many people don’t really know the real Tijuana, not only speaking about foreign people, but natives as well whom many of them don’t know any of the famous landmarks, and just go to whatever is “trendy” or “popular “.

Unfortunately many people don’t really know the story of this city, its legends, its people, images, places that maybe are not “hip” right now but at some point was the spot to be seen at.

For this and many more reasons there is one person who made it his duty to investigate the town, and who took time from his busy schedule and actually sat down to find the true story behind this great city, a city that its stories are created by its people.

After all history is made out of moments and moments are make great memories.

Who took the time to do all of this? Well it was done by attorney Alvaro Montaño along with his nephew Mauricio Chavez, whom both decided to put together a book with many images, easy to comprehend and is titled “Welcome to Tijuana”

After greeting each other and drinking some coffee, I then asked him of how this idea was brought up, by which attorney Montaño said, “While I was on a family vacation to San Francisco, when we finished our visit to Lombard Street, we realized that there were 4 books of this street alone, many more of the golden gate and of the city.”

Books that talk about Tijuana there isn’t really one, and the ones that do exist usually talk about Baja in general, and also many books or novels to be more precise, are that of just the scenery that the city is thought of, which it’s not really a nice image that has anything positive.

Video : Álvaro Montaño talks about Welcome to Tijuana

This book is made 100% in Tijuana, from the authors all the way to the printing house. It’s a homemade product and you know what they say “Everything that is homemade always is better”, and what person to better write about it than someone who is actually from Tijuana. “We believe that in order to love something, first you have to know it” expressed the author.

This is very true, you cannot love something that you don’t know anything about and far less even speak about it either, when you love it, you talk about it with passion and with feelings which is exactly what an author needs. To speak passionately about his work, he needs to do it with love and care in order to give it that positive edge it needs.

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