All My Friends. A DIY Tijuana Music Festival

Come and enjoy the talent of the city

All My Friends. A DIY Tijuana Music FestivalCourtesy AMF
Courtesy AMF

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Oh those crazy effing Hipsters! The world of indie rock as you may or may not know has been commercialized, packaged and sold by the corporate powers that be. Most musical and fashion like movements always start so authentic and appropriate for their time and are quickly taken advantage of by marketing and turned into demographics.

Take the world of the ever so popular Indie rock festivals. They are more popular than ever and are spurring up in every town, arena and season of the year with the same boring line ups, big time sponsors, over priced tickets and food. Some of these festivals have no shame, selling tickets before the line up is even announced, selling out and leaving people wondering what old ass band from the 80's will reunite and headline this year's Crappola Fest. Who cares right? Half of these festival loving bros already have their ticket and ecstasy pills bought for the show. Shameless I tell you.

Enter the ALL MY FRIENDS MUSIC FEST in Tijuana. A do it yourself Indie rock fest that started out as a glorified house party that is quickly creating a buzz in music blogs from both the US and Mexico. Last year two thousand people from both sides of the border enjoyed some of Mexico's best talent from all regions and this year has been bulked up with some bands from the US.

Video : Juan Cicerol

The event is ridiculously cheap, on line it costs about 50 pesos ( 4 dollars) and at the door it will cost around 11 dollars. The event features 40 bands from Mexico and the US and will be held in a very beautiful and old brick building near downtown Tijuana called La Casa De la Cultura. Visit the All My Friends website for tickets and more info.

Video : AMF Music Festival

Be certain to catch bands like Helado Negro from New York. Los Macuanos, San Pedro Cortez, Maria y Jose from Tijuana and Mock The Zuma from Ciudad Juarez.

We asked All My Friends founder and creator Argenis Garcia a few questions about the event.

1. Why the name ALL MY FRIENDS, after the LCD song?

It’s more due to the fact, that the festival was born as a house party where I needed help from my friends, because I was trying to raise money for my little sister who was going to study abroad, so we threw a free party with my friend’s bands. 600 people came to an empty house, the last dj played until 7:00 am, and at the end of the day, Aldair from Celofán and Electric Healing Sound, told me, you have to do this every year, by March of 2011 he was asking on my Facebook wall, Who’s headlining this year AMF?.

So we started gathering a teamwork and turned into festival, Ruben Ascencio and myself funded it, Marty Preciado and Pablo, joined the team and AMF11 was a media success, we decided that we should have the best that is happening on the region, and as we grow will incorporate acts from other parts of the world that we think would leave something to what is going on here.

And yes, LCD Soundsystem it’s involve in the name but also Daniel Johnston and The Beatles, but is more than that,

since High-School I can’t separate music from my friends, either as avid concert-goers or as musicians themselves, is the people that we have met, and what they do, what gives the festival the name.

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