Too many layoffs after elections

Are you next? Take a look at the list of employers who have and will make changes

Too many layoffs after electionsServicios SanDiegoRed
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As reported previously on SanDiegoRed, there are companies that have laid-off employees after the results of the Presidential Elections on November 6. Where the affected employees on that article were Latino employees, where a businessman in Las Vegas had admitted that he fired those employees for voting for the Democratic candidate and current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

For the time being Obama's victory has been bittersweet for many families, and the reason for this is because of the incredible numbers of laid-off employees in the last 48 hours.

You might be asking yourself, why has this been happening? The federal government for several years now has been the culprit for small businesses closing their doors for many reasons, higher taxes, tougher rules and regulations, regardless of who is in the White House or which party has the majority in Congress, everyone seems to be pointed at one another to place the blame for what is going on.

How can that exactly be determined if everyone in government is supposable working towards the benefit of the people?

Perhaps this is just what companies are doing to lay-off employees who they cannot afford, much less employees who are not producing any earnings for the company, which this is what the situation is currently and who knows for how long this will continue.

Below is a list of companies that after Tuesday November 6 (Election Day) have been laying-off employees in an excessive way.

1. Utah: The owner of a coal company has laid-off 102 miners. Robert Murray, who is the owner and president said, that the lay-offs are due to the ongoing war against coal.

He was also one of the big supporters for Mitt Romney’s campaign, which on the night that Obama won the elections, 54 people were fired.

2. Ohio: An employee of one of the largest insurance companies in the state said at 9am around 50 colleagues were called to the boardroom, where they were laid off and were informed that this was due to health reform that would come into effect in 2014. "Obama kept his job but we do not."

3. Nevada: Listed at the beginning of this article, 22 employees were laid-off by the company owner in Las Vegas, because of Obama's re-election.

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