Three Baja Bakeries: How Sweet it is!

This is the story of three Baja Bakeries in Tijuana, Tecate and Ensenada

Three Baja Bakeries: How Sweet it is!L'Abricot the French style restaurant-bakery.
L'Abricot the French style restaurant-bakery.

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By Jack E. George Vía

Three Baja Bakeries with very deliciously different styles!

I assure you, when you visit any of these three Baja bakeries, you will find creations you have never seen or tasted before. L’Abricot, located at Antonio Caso 1910, in Zona Rio, in Tijuana is the starting point. Following this visit, once inside your car, loosen your belt a little and prepare for your next stop in Tecate. Once you are close to El Mejor Pan de Tecate, Avenue Juarez 331, the overwhelming, delicious smells will draw you to the bakery. You might want to walk around the beautiful town square, get a little exercise, before you head over to Ensenada. You will want to go to Avenue Diamante No 2104 where you will find Hogaza Hogaza, which means ‘big loaves, big loaves.’ This European-style bakery offers 30 premium gourmet types of bread all made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives.

When I walked inside L’Abricot the first thing I noticed was that it was spotlessly clean and offered an air of elegance. The tables were each covered with a white-linen tablecloth, with a blue cloth on top which added a nice touch to the French style restaurant-bakery. Owner Maribel Villarreal, a pleasant young woman, said this is the first eatery she has owned and operated. It was established in 2000 following her training in Paris at the Hotel Ritz. The huge assortment of pastries offers everything from the Opera Cake to Almond bread. L’ Abricot serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals are mostly French style while breakfasts offer “A touch of Mexican, French Mexican,” according to Villarreal.

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