Do's and Don'ts on Thanksgiving

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Do's and Don'ts on ThanksgivingSanDiegoRed Services
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There are many questions you might be asking yourself on this day, of whether if you have enough plates or if the decorations look fine, and worse if you cooked enough for more than the number of guest you were expecting.

Why does this great day have to be full of stress? When instead you can just enjoy it with all your friends and family, and just have that one delicious meal in peace and stress free.

Well maybe this will be able to ease up your day on Thanksgiving, by reading up on Sam Sifton’s book “Thanksgiving, How to cook it well”, where you will find many tips of what to do and not do on Turkey day.

"Many people are afraid of Thanksgiving, because it’s a day full of stress," said Stifo to the ABC television network. Why are people afraid of this day? It should not be so complicated, it’s a dinner like any other, and the only difference on this day is that the whole family is gathered.

After all, you just need to make sure to cook a giant bird right, make some mashed potatoes, and cook some vegetables.

Sifton's goal is to keep things simple, even if you're a fan of cooking greats like Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray or even if you want to bake as slick as Buddy of Carlo pastry. Cooking does not mean you have to cook like them, and always remember that less is more, which during the holidays that’s not something that has to change.

Sifton is not only the editor of The New York Times, but was also a food critic who tried out the best restaurants in the Big Apple for two years, and something that characterizes Sifton is that he always makes a list of good things and bad things, which his book was no exception.

SanDiegoRed presents to you the editors list of what should and should not do on turkey day.

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