Intel and Windows 8: The Dream Team

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Intel and Windows 8: The Dream TeamImages courtesy of Intel.
Images courtesy of Intel.

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Just hours away now from the famous "Black Friday" and a few days away from "Cyber Monday", Intel and Windows 8 invite you to see their new products which will surely have something for every member of the family.

Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and other brands have also been added to the perfect link with Intel and Windows 8 to create new gadgets that perform more than one function, which translates into savings for the head of the household or consumers in general, which also allows them in avoiding purchasing computers and electronic tablets separately.

All are new parts of the new processors with a new version of the Intel Core and Intel Atom for different devices including the mobile ones.

In short its functions that lead to greater security with our devices, better response time with our use, longer battery use and other features that vary by each computer manufacturer, including updates to the content regardless if the device is hibernating. Do you need your computer to wake up? Well the new ultrabook will do in 7 seconds.

For about $ 700 you can buy a computer with this processor and Windows 8, but if you can make a lager investment, it is recommended for you to buy the gadgets that have touch screens, which now brings us to the new "ultrabook" that is a mix between computers and tablets that captivate all of those who use them, and are much thinner and lighter than traditional computers.

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