Interview with Salsa Star Sirak Baloyan

Artist returns to Tijuana for album release

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We had the pleasure of attending the new album release of Sirak Baloyan, who is a salsa musician, producer, and one of the brightest stars in this genre. Upon his arrival to the event, the Salsa Star received a great standing ovation from fans, family and friends at Casa Baloyan this past weekend.

Sirak Miguel Baloyan is a talented artist who grew up in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico, and is now one of the most recognized musicians in the salsa world.

Video: Interview with Sirak Baloyan

Sirak since at a very young age showed his creative and ability with musical instruments, which has giving him numerous awards and acknowledgments throughout his successful career. His very particular musical expression with instruments shows a true example of his originality and style.

His life experience and world travel has given him the knowledge of the different styles, culture, rhythms and genres that evolve around the planet. Growing up in Tijuana, as he said: “Since childhood I listened to San Diego’s radio stations, which helped me to be in touch with all types of music like Big Band, Jazz, Soul, and Bossa Nova”.

Now with more than 20 years experience, we can perceive his impressive work in his albums as an artist as well as a musical producer and songwriter. He has produced and written for high ranking Latin artists such as: Angela Carrasco, Bertin Osborne, Cuarteto Contrapunto, Benito Canales, Marko Barnett, Bianca, etc.

In 2002 he received a Platinum award as a producer for most popular Spanish singer Bertin Osborne, album titled “Sabor a Mexico”.

Sirak is a voting member of the National Recording Academy Grammy, and is affiliated to performing rights organization ASCAP. Also, a graduate of Dick Grove Music School in Los Angeles, and a graduate of San Diego State University.

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