A look at the cultural contributions from Baja California to the world

Interview with director Felipe Parra: "The creators of Baja California"

A look at the cultural contributions from Baja California to the world

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Documentary films have some features that make it a genre unlike any other. This part of the film industry was born as a need to catch and show human life in the most realistic way possible by documenting it.

The first few moving images that conserve the past century depict scenes from the Mexican Revolution of trains arriving at stations, villages and life in Mexico City.

Fiction Blockbuster movie hits in recent years have not stopped some directors from losing any focus in this genre of film making like, Everardo Gonzales with "Los Ladrones Viejos”(Old Thieves,2007), Layda Negrete and Roberto Hernández with "Presunto Culpable”(Presumed Guilty,2011) and Emiliano Antuna with "El Alcalde”(The Mayor,2012).

All of these films are only a few good examples of the acceptance that documentaries have today in the country.

Video: Interview with director Felipe Parra

In Mexico this genre is not something out of the ordinary, and many of the productions the directors believe that they are a tool of expression, which helps maintain the memory of the way of life in society and of the culture that exists in the country.

Felipe Parra Samano is a great example of this. He is a Mexican documentary filmmaker who has been dedicated the most to rescue, recognize, and help preserve the valuable artistic heritage of Baja California.

The director is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), who is also a critic, art curator, and a documentary filmmaker who independently produced a series of documentaries on writers, artists, and composers of the region.

We found Felipe Parra in Tijuana documenting now the life and culture of the city, which he was also on his way to Rosarito to present his latest production “Una mirada a la plastica del noroeste”( A look at the plastic art of the Northwest).

He granted us with an interview to speak about his documentary film “Los creadores de Baja California” (The creators of Baja California), where he shared with us his about the art, wineries, and the gastronomy of the region.

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