Aquí Es Texcoco : Traditional Mexican Food in San Diego

Authentic Texcoco style lamb barbecue and beyond in the heart of Chula Vista.

Aquí Es Texcoco : Traditional Mexican Food in San DiegoImages by Kristin Díaz de Sandi/Life and Food Blog
Images by Kristin Díaz de Sandi/Life and Food Blog

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Aquí es Texcoco has fed the locals of Tijuana their authentic lamb barbecue for over 20 years now. Up until about 4 and half years ago, you had to cross the border in order to experience all that they have to offer. Their Chula Vista location is perfect for those that want to taste mouth watering lamb barbecue right here in Southern California. Owner Paco Perez, prides himself on the techniques and recipes that are used to execute the ideal lamb barbecue. They want you to feel as if you have been transported in your head to Texcoco, Mexico, while you are still physically here in San Diego. Traditionally the lamb is slow roasted in a fire pit that is covered in the leaves of the maguey plant. Of course, they are not able to fully recreate this in the restaurant, but they get as close as possible to replicating that taste.

Aquí es Texcoco is also one of the five restaurants in San Diego, that has been certified "Authentic Mexican" by the government of Mexico.

A lot of people might think of lamb is strong, or that it has a tendency of having a "grassy" flavor to it. He challenges you to come and try their lamb, just to see what you are missing out on. Another addition to the authentic food, is that they also serve Pulque. For those that are unsure, it is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the Maguey plant. It has a milky color, and can also have flavors added to it. In this case, we tried the unflavored Pulque, as well as their Pulque with the added touch of walnut. It was quite nice, it almost reminded me a bit of horchata, with just an extra zing at the finish.

The table was filled with an array of some of their most popular dishes to date. Without saying, there was a heap of lamb barbecue, accompanied by a cup of piping hot lamb broth, fresh corn tortillas, appropriate toppings, and their variety of house made salsas.

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