The Best of Baja 2012

Things to try, taste, and enjoy before this year is over

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We asked some of our collaborators to research and find some of the best places one can enjoy in Baja California. The result of this is a great guide on how to get to the best street foods, restaurants, bars, wineries and wine shops.

Many of the names on this list are from a place you probably never have heard before, and that was the idea, or that would remind you of the great ones you might have forgotten, so we once again encourage you to visit new places, and to invite you to Baja California as your next option for a little getaway from San Diego.

Best of Baja 2012

We asked everybody on SanDiegoRed to propose which place that they considered as number one of the list of Best of Baja 2012.

By outstanding ovation, at the top of the list, the SanDiegoRed’s Best of Baja 2012 is Tijuana`s Tacos Kokopelli.

Tacos Kokopelli thanks to Chef Guillermo “Oso” Campos revolutionized traditional taco stand to gourmet style.

Video: A day in the life with Kokopelli

Best of Baja 2012 runner up

“La Guerrerense” Seafood in Ensenada.. Congratulations Ms. Sabina for more than thirty years of your food creations and magic, which has pleased the most demanding taste buds of locals and tourists.

Video: La Guerrerense

Mision 19 & La Querencia, Tijuana, both named Best of Baja 2012 restaurants, since their food is beyond description.

Honorable mention: .Muelle tres, Ensenada

Wine expert Juan Pablo Vazquez-Abarca helped us to find the best options in the wine industry that Baja has to offer. Here is his list:

Best winery in Baja

Bodegas Las Nubes: To me the most thought out project in Baja California.

Honorable mentions: Casa Baloyan, Viñas de Garza and Adobe Guadalupe.

Video: Casa Baloyan

Best wine

Sinergi VT Icaro 2009: Fortunately selecting just one wine is getting more difficult in Baja California, but whenever I think of a wine that reflects the achievement in quality, I think of Icaro.

Honorable mentions: Tintos del Norte 32 Teziano 2009, Bodega Las NubesNebbiolo 2009.

Best winemaker

Jose Luis Durard (Sinergi VT, Tintos del Norte 32, Vinicola Fraternidad). Smart and very creative, Jose Luis Durand is currently making right now the best wines in Baja.

From the iconic Icaro to the terroir driven planetas and the amazing Teziano. When we look back at the history of Baja California winemaking, Jose will no doubt rank among the greatest.

Honorable mention: Christoph Gaertner (Vinisterra).

Places to stay

Encuentro Guadalupe

Honorable mentions: Adobe Guadalupe, Viñedos Malagón

Best wine shop

GSalinas Vinos:I`ve had the good fortune of being friends with store owner Gilberto Salinas for several years, but selecting GSalinas Vinos as the best wine shop in Baja is based on its own merits, great selection, free weekly tastings and above all, the best wine conversations anywhere in Baja.

Video: GSalinas Wine Shop

Honorable mentions: La Contra and Ensenada Vinos.

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