The Best Top 10 Tequilas to bring in the New Year

10 brands you have to try

The Best Top 10 Tequilas to bring in the New YearLemon, salt and Tequila. SanDiegoRed Services
Lemon, salt and Tequila. SanDiegoRed Services

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During the holidays, parties are just around the corner and as a gift or something to enjoy, Tequila is one of the best options. But which one should you try? Choosing 10 to recommend is not as easy as you might think.

So I took the challenge to try and find 10 tequilas (blancos, reposados, añejos and extra añejos) that everyone should try now.

(Quick note: I didn’t assigned a score just a tasting note)

10.- Tequila El Tesoro de Don Felipe Paradiso

One of the smoothest Tequilas you will ever taste. This añejo is aged 5 years in Cognac barrels. Beautiful aromas of caramel, flowers, citrus and smoke. Flavor wise it starts with berries and vanilla and some sweet spices come around at the end. It finishes very clean and smooth with no burning sensation what so ever. At $100 it’s pricey but it´s amazing!

9.- Tequila Don Julio 1942

An añejo full of sweet aromas of caramel, dried fruits and oak.

The flavor profile is both sweet and strong with a long spicy finish. A little bit on the pricey side ($125)

8.- Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila Añejo

A Tequila to enjoy on its own and on a very serious way (not only because of the price, $500 a bottle, but also because of its refinement and elegance). Aromas of citrus and caramel and just a touch of oak. The flavors start with caramel and turn to berry and cocoa. The long finish is herbaceous with subtle oak flavors. A very nice and complex Tequila finished in Bordeaux barrels.

7.- Siete Leguas Reposado

This is both excellent and fairly priced ($40). The aromas start with notes of toffee and burnt sugar and slowly turn to citrus peel and pepper. The initial taste is also sweet but turns to spice and citrus flavors before finishing with notes of oak and caramel.

6.- Reserva del Maestro Dobel Diamond Reposado Tequila

A reposado that looks like a blanco but tastes more like añejo? It is precisely what this Tequila is. Aromas of licorice, smoke and spice with just a little alcohol sensation. Its medium body with lots of sweet spices and agave notes. A crowd pleaser at a great price ($40).

The Top 5 Tequilas are all showstoppers. These Tequilas are not only great but they have subtleties you may not expect. My advice to you is to drink them slowly and let all the flavors develop.

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