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12 wishes for 2013 from Xolo-fans

The Aztec squad has been very successful in 2012

12 wishes for 2013 from Xolo-fansThe fans from Xolos are waiting for a successful 2013. Photo by Pedro Neri / San Diego Red.
The fans from Xolos are waiting for a successful 2013. Photo by Pedro Neri / San Diego Red.

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TIJUANA, BC.- The fans from Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente have shown to be one of the best of the Mexican First Division and have had to jump through lots of hoops in order to support their team through Mexico, that’s why we’re bringing the 12 wishes from the dog’s fanatics for this new year.

In Mexico, during the countdown to the New Year there is a big tradition of eating 12 grapes and with each one of them one should make a wish while the clock’s bell ring. Let’s go one by one to discover what can be the fan’s number 1 wish for 2013.

12.- The Caliente Stadium should continue growing. For every person, out of 22,333 that go to Xolos games every day, there are lots more fans who cannot support their team because the stadium is still not finished. But the good news is that during the Dorados de Sinaloa match, we saw how the building of the stadium is growing and soon that wish will come true.

11.- The fanatics want to know about the new uniform. The club directors surprised us with a sober and elegant design for 2012, celebrating 5 years of the foundation of Club Tijuana. The jersey lasted for a whole year and was one of the favorites between the Mexican and American media; on Thursday night, the fans will be able to see for the first time the new shirt that has been a big secret until now.

10.- The second semester of 2013 means a new international tournament for Xoloitzcuintles, with the team entering the Concacaf Champions League during the Group Phase. The fans want the team to be successful and qualify to the Playoffs to be celebrated in 2014.

9.- Raúl Enríquez has been, at least so far, the only Scoring Champion the team has had ever and this was recorded on the mind of the red and black followers, but a scoring machine is missing now and the current responsibility is for Colombian striker Duvier Riascos who is on one of the best moments of his career.

8.- The Caliente Stadium was the most difficult stadium to play in during 2012, since during the regular season it never saw Xolos lost a single game. The only match lost here was during the 2012 Clausura tournament when Monterrey Rayados beat 1-2 the border team during the Quarterfinal game. The fans want to repeat this feat during the Liga MX and Copa Libertadores tournaments.

7.- San Diego is waiting for Xolos with open arms. Little by little, the fanatics have grown in numbers and the passion for Xolos has crossed borders; the public from San Diego are waiting for the team to come closer to Southern California and interact more with its fans.

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