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12 wishes for 2013 from Xolo-fans

The Aztec squad has been very successful in 2012

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6.- To enter Estadio Caliente, one has still to walk through dirty roads, and this is one of the things the fans want to change soon since every time it rains the parking lot is a big mess. But fans are hopeful this will change soon and the entry and exit from the stadium will be easier for them.

5.- On Xoloitzcuintles there’s a lot of talent and this has been shown by the foreign and national players. For this 2013, the Aztec dogs’ supporters want to have a Mexican player on the National Team, representing their country. 2 players have great possibilities because of their position: Juan Carlos Núñez, a right lane defender; and Cirilo Saucedo, the best goalkeeper during the 2012 in Mexico.

4.- Apart from the players, one of the key points for the Xolos championship was the coaching of Argentinean Antonio “El Turco” Mohamed, that was able to take a group of men and turn it into champions. Nobody wants him to go, and we know he misses his family and that would be the only reason to leave at the end of the season, but the fans are asking for him to stay.

3.- With the participation of Xolos at international level, all the Tijuana residents are waiting for a successful tournament in Copa Libertadores, to have people talk better things about the city and show a better face from the border town, better known as “The Corner of Latin America”.

2.- To be champions once again. The Aztec squad has decided to keep the same players that were able to take the 2012 Apertura tournament home, and are hopeful they can repeat the feat on the 2013 Clausura, but now all rivals will have Tijuana on their mind.

1.- And the number one wish for the fans: the team has shown they can be champions and they can play against any team in the league, so Club Tijuana will have the support of its fans to be crowned the best team in the American continent during the 2013 Copa Libertadores. To do this, the team signed two reinforcements and all their efforts will be focused on the cup.

2013 will be vital for Xoloitzcuintles and it will project the team to international fame, reinforcing the work done by the club directors to make this team the biggest dog of Mexican Soccer.


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