India: 5 young men accused of rape might face the death penalty

Lawyers refuse to defend them

India: 5 young men accused of rape might face the death penaltyServicios SanDiegoRed
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The rape case of a 23 year old Indian student on December 16, 2012, has not only impacted the people of India, but the whole world.

The young woman was severely beaten with iron rods and tried to defend herself by biting her attackers three times, who then threw her and her boyfriend who was also beaten and stripped down from the bus where the incident occurred. She unfortunately died on Saturday due to injuries caused by the aggression she suffered on that day.

The young men accused in this case were arrested near the Ravi Dass Camp, which is a village in the southwest of New Delhi where four of the six accused live, and the other two defendants live outside the capital, according to police.

Yesterday, lawyers at the court in New Delhi announced that they are refusing to defend the six suspects in this case, who also tried to run over the girl after the brutal attack, according to several local press reports.

"We have decided that none of our lawyers will represent those accused in this rape case, because it would be immoral to defend people accused of such crime," said Sanjay Kumar, a lawyer and member of the Bar Association of the District of Saket.

On Thursday with the presentation of a report containing thousands of pages that was drafted by the police, only five of the six defendants will be taken to the Saket district court, and the sixth defendant who apparently is only 17 years old will be tried in a juvenile court.

According to The Times of India, one other accusation that the police present in their report is the destruction of evidence by the bus driver who also participated in the rape. The bus driver apparently tried to wash the vehicle and burned the clothing left behind by the victim, according to the report.

The evidence in this case is bite marks, blood, semen, hair, and the testimony of her boyfriend.

Interior Minister, Sushilkumar Shinde, on Tuesday said that those who are being accused in this case were facing the death penalty if found guilty.

The brutality of this case has caused an outrage, and has prompted even senior Indian government officials to request for various punishments for the offenders.

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