The future of Hugo Chavez and Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro insists that the president will take office

The future of Hugo Chavez and VenezuelaPresident of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. Photo courtesy Reuters
President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. Photo courtesy Reuters

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While Hugo Chavez remains in Cuba after undergoing a fourth operation due to cancer, the question now is whether if he will remain as the president of Venezuela. His health condition has put in question if he will be able to take office on January 10, 2013, which Vice President, Nicolas Maduro, spoke to the nation of Venezuela last night and explained to the people that based on articles of the Venezuelan constitution on procedures to follow, there is nothing that indicates that Chavez will not be the president of the country.

Article 231 dictates that the elected candidate must take office on January 10 of the first year of his constitutional term in the National Assembly. "If for any unforeseen reason the President of the Republic could not take possession before the National Assembly, he will then do it with the Supreme Court of Justice," stated the final part of this article.

Venezuelan officials say that Chavez only suffers from serious respiratory complications, but the Spanish newspaper ABC spoke of a darker scenario, where Chavez is only being maintained alive through life support after doctors had induced him into a coma.

Internationally, it was known that the surgical process and the actual diagnosis was not encouraging since in the last message that Hugo Chavez addressed to the nation, for the first time he spoke of a successor, Nicolas Maduro, who is the Vice President.

ABC has followed up on this story and insists that Chavez remains connected and sedated. In recent days visitors have been restricted, and after several visits from different relatives that have come to see him, it has been interpreted as them coming to say their last goodbye. In this scenario, it would be his eldest daughter Rosa Virginia who decides when her father will be disconnected.

In case that Chavez would pass away, new elections must be held no later than 30 days after, which the international community has declared that if it gets to that point, the elections should be transparent.

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