Interview with race car driver Jorge Cevallos

Mexico’s motorsport rising star is already a professional racing driver in Europe

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TIJUANA. - Car racing has become a sport that is practiced in most countries of the world, where factors like weather or culture are important to the sport.

In most cases, drivers must complete a course in the shortest time possible or go around the track as many times as they can in a given amount of time.

Internationally, one of the most popular circuits is Formula One which is also known as the "King of all motorsport.” Such is the reputation of these races that it even has more followers than many other sports.

Jorge Cevallos is one of Mexico’s motorsport rising stars, who has moved rapidly from karting –at Qualcomm Stadium-, to a higher level of racing circuit which despite his young age, is already set to make a living as a professional race car driver in Europe. “England is the breeding ground for all the young drivers, so that is where you need to be if you want to make a career out of this”, said Cevallos.

SanDiegoRed had the opportunity to interview Cevallos, who we have no doubt that 2013 will be an amazing year for this promising young Mexican race car driver. “During the racing season from February to October I live in Oxford, England, and I live with two other drivers, Archie Hamilton and Ben Barker," said cevallos

Both Hamilton and Barker are two very popular drivers in Europe, and who are also Cevallos roomates and training partners.

Video: Jorge Cevallos Professional Race Driver

“It’s something very uncommon to have a driver from Tijuana and San Diego area go over to Europe, which in itself to be from the Americas is rare, and when I said Mexico they said Mexico City, Guadalajara but then Tijuana is not the most common thing”, explained the young driver.

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