Tijuana Police Department goals for 2013

Crime decreased by 27% last year

Tijuana Police Department goals for 2013Commander Javier Viruete and Subdirector of Tijuana’s Police Department, Armando Rascon. Joy Ruvalcaba
Commander Javier Viruete and Subdirector of Tijuana’s Police Department, Armando Rascon. Joy Ruvalcaba

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“Don’t be afraid to come to Tijuana “replied the Subdirector of Tijuana’s Police Department, Armando Rascon, when we asked him what message he wanted to send to the neighbors up north.

Throughout 2012, the Mexican Secretariat for Public Safety had set a goal to reduce crime in Tijuana. A goal which they were able to accomplish by reducing the crime rate by 27% compared to 2011.


Due to the new access point of “El Chaparral”, one of the challenges was to secure the San Ysidro border area which new pedestrian paths were created for those who crossed the border on foot between Tijuana and San Diego.

New measures like the creation of a special group of officers had to be assigned to this area in order to keep vendors, visitors and business owners safe and avoid any criminal activities that would affect anyone in this area.

Public safety is very essential said police commander, Javier Viruete, and Subdirector Rascon, who shared some new strategies that they have implemented to secure certain areas of Tijuana that even extends to the gastronomic regions.

Boulevards like Sanchez Taboada and Paseo de los Heroes in the Zona Rio area is where most of the restaurants in Tijuana are located.

Currently, there are four units assigned to this area who constantly patrol these businesses and even get off and go in these restaurants to make sure everything is ok.

They also get a signature from the owner or manager to prove that they had come by.

It’s been a few years now that the crime rate has been decreasing year after year, but this does not mean that the efforts are good enough to where everyone can just relax, on the contrary, the efforts towards public safety should continue to improve.

The department of has also been working towards gaining the trust of all of the city’s residents and visitors, by being more social with the public who they hope will all come to them anytime they need help or even a group of tourist who want to pose with them for a picture.

All of this which the Commander and Subdirector pointed out is an effort to recover the down area of Tijuana.

Both officials agree that the current citizen from Tijuana has matured considerably. The recent celebration for the championship trophy from the local team Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, among other events that have been celebrated in the city, both officials confirmed that there were no incidents that involved citizens which they did not have to launch special operations for.

The goal in this type of occasions is for everyone to have fun, be safe and not cause any property damage.

Another interesting figure comes from the D.U.I checkpoints that were set up on New Year’s Eve, where only 14 people were arrested in all of the 8 locations that were set up which no deaths were registered in this operation. Also, on regular days that a holiday is not celebrated, most citizens are going out and having fun in a responsible manner, in which areas like “Avenida Revolucion” there are about 582 taxis operating now which in the past it used to be only 82 that would be available between 2 and 5a.m.

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