2 bombs used in PEMEX explosion

Anonymous police officer tells newspaper

2 bombs used in PEMEX explosionEFE Agency.
EFE Agency.

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The magazine “Proceso” reported that one of the police officers involved in the investigation of the explosion that occurred at one of Towers of PEMEX, said that there were two explosives on the premises which one of them caused the disaster.

The police officer, who wanted to remain anonymous for security reasons, said that he saw a black box with a cylinder “that was being carried on top of a small platform."

The officer’s testimony also appeared in the newspaper "La Jornada", where he stated, “Among my peers, the bomb squad and everyone else that was working in the investigation, they said it was a bomb. It was a bomb! It was said."

Authorities have not yet released any official reports regarding the cause of the explosion.

The blast at one of the Towers of PEMEX happened last Thursday January 31st, and killed 36 people and left 121 others injured.


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