Christopher Dorner paralyzes U.S.-Mexico border

Has an intention of crossing into Mexico

Christopher Dorner paralyzes U.S.-Mexico borderChristopher Dorner. SanDiegoRed Services
Christopher Dorner. SanDiegoRed Services

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It all started in the city of Los Angeles, when former policeman Christopher Dorner became a threat to his co-workers and anyone else who surrounded him.

Los Angeles is a city that has had many dangerous and famous criminals like Charles Manson, “The Night Stalker”, “The murderer of the road” and many others. Christopher Dorner will most likely be added to this list after he is caught.

Dorner has now made it into the most wanted list, and is being hunt down by officers both in California and Baja California, Mexico. So far there have been several operations in the San Ysidro-Tijuana checkpoint, which has caused people to wait in line up to 4 hours, and expressed their frustration through social networks.

Dorner, who is 33 years of age and weighs 270 pounds, is suspected of killing three people which one of them is an officer as well. He is involved in many scandals with the police department of Los Angeles, and in a strange way has become a public figure that has multiple Facebook book pages dedicated to him, which surprisingly some are in support of his rampage.

Dorner was a time bomb that detonated when he posted on his personal Facebook account a letter to "America", which was about 6,000 words expressing his anger, in which he recalled moments when officials broke the rules and basically did what they wanted.

Dorner in his mind is "Collecting on some debts", and claims that he was fired because another officer said he had mental problems.

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