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Law enforcement authorities have now mistaken three people with Christ Dorner, which two of them have been shot, and as of a result of this and like a slap to the face of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), residents in the city of Los Angeles have started wearing t-shirts that say things like “Don’t shoot, I’m not Chris Dorner. Thank you.”

What residents in this city fear the most is being mistaken with Chris Dorner and getting shot. Just like in case of 47 year old Maggie Carranza and 71 year old Emma Hernandez, who while delivering newspapers door to door in their pickup truck, were shot by LAPD officers last weekend and were taken to the hospital for their injuries.

The Dorner t-shirts are now on sale at websites such as e-bay . And others have preferred to make their own and add to them a personal touch.

The search for Dorner has been continuous and has led the hunt all the way into the city of Tijuana, Mexico, where he is thought to currently be in.

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