Have A Baja Moment at Tabor Canyon: Hiking the Mountains of Loreto.

Discover Loreto’s natural playground in the mountains of La Giganta

Have A Baja Moment at Tabor Canyon: Hiking the Mountains of Loreto.Loreto. Ashley Curtin / Baja.com
Loreto. Ashley Curtin / Baja.com

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By Ashley Curtin via Baja.com

Climbing over boulders, wading through pools of water and scaling steep mountainsides in Tabor Canyon is the most popular hike among adventurous travelers visiting Loreto. The impressive natural features of the canyon preserve an ecosystem boasting green vegetation, blue palm, natural water pools and sheltered large trees, all home to the canyon. As hikers approach higher elevations in the mountains La Giganta, beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez across from Puerto Escondido are clearly visible.

While Tabor Canyon, located 15 minutes south of Loreto Bay, is a moderate to advanced hike, it is best that a guide accompany hikers of all levels. The hike is about a three-mile distance along various geo-terrains at a climbing elevation of 1,000 feet. With tour groups such as Wild Loreto, the hike takes about three hours with a stop along the way to re-hydrate, snacking on healthy foods.

The first part of Tabor Canyon includes hiking along a trail, but as the hike progresses, it becomes more challenging with steeper climbs and an overall less defined route. As waterfalls from mountainsides and natural swimming pools entice swimmers, hikers become one with nature. The natural aspects of the hike are not only breathtaking, but also rejuvenating and invigorating, all at the same time.

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