San Diego Binational Affairs Office opens in Tijuana

The border is a priority

San Diego Binational Affairs Office opens in TijuanaAuthorities of both sides of the border
Authorities of both sides of the border

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On Friday afternoon, the Binational Affairs Office for San Diego and Tijuana opened its doors, in an effort to unite these two cities in this border region.

This new office here in Tijuana will be coordinated by Mario Lopez, who the Mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner, appointed as the director not too long ago. The Binational Affairs Office will be located in the Corporate Way.

The inauguration was attended by authorities on both sides of the border, as well as businessmen and representatives from various non-governmental institutions like the Fundacion que Transforma, Coparmex, the Chamber of Commerce of Otay, Wildcoast and the Orchestra of Baja California, among others.

VIDEO: Binational Affairs Office inauguration

Mario Lopez was in charge of introducing everyone and also Bob Filner, who introduced Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante as mayor of San Diego, a mistake that caused some laughter among those who were present.

The mayor of Tijuana, Carlos Bustamante, said that today was a historic day after an effort that was started two years ago that has now had a positive result. "This is the next step," Bustamanted added as he explained how the two cities complement each other.

Bob Filner then had a chance to speak, but first replied to the comments made by Bustamante with a hearty “thanks friend.”

Then he began to explain some of the benefits to this region because of this binational collaboration.

San Diego and Tijuana share several links that are commercial, cultural, sports and education. Such an initiative was needed to tackle everyday problems.

It was imperative to increase the levels of participation and build new channels of communication for the region, as well as describe the better use of resources that both cities have.

A proposal that caught the attention of the audience was that Bob Filner plans to place a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, which in addition to thinking about its cost; it’s an opportunity that will benefit and reflect on the region.

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