Alejandro Monraz: An alternative for Tijuana

So that Tijuana can advance to the next level

Alejandro Monraz: An alternative for TijuanaAlejandro Monraz, mayoral candidate of "United for Baja California" for Tijuana. Gerardo Cornejo/
Alejandro Monraz, mayoral candidate of "United for Baja California" for Tijuana. Gerardo Cornejo/

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In the month of July the citizens of Tijuana will elect a new mayor. As one of the options to choose from will be the lawyer Alejandro Monraz, who has had a great political career in the region, and plans to use his experience so that Tijuana can advance to the next level.

VIDEO: Interview with Alejandro Monraz


Alejandro Monraz was born in Tijuana and has lived here most of his life. His parents are originally from Jalisco and Sinaloa, and just like many generations of Tijuana-born citizens, he also comes from a family that migrated north of the country. Most of his schooling were undertaken in the city, and has two college degrees for two different professions, one as a dentist and the other in Law. His family includes his wife Nora and four children, Aldo, Monse, Sebastian and Aranza.

Monraz first began his career in the ranks of the National Action Party (PAN). As career highlights one can mention that he has participated in three phases of the political life in Mexico. For 25 years, he served as city council member in the first government administration of the “PAN” in the city when Ernesto Ruffo became governor of Baja California. In 1992 he became the local delegate for the Ninth Circuit, and in the year 2000 when Vicente Fox became the president of Mexico, Monraz became and served as a congressman.

A few of his proposals

As a politician and a “Tijuananese”, Alejandro Monraz believes that one of the major needs of this city is to have honest politicians who work for its citizens and not their personal interests.

Recently, Tijuana has been on the international spotlight for its technological capacity, and also for the types of conditions this city offers to investors for the birth of new industries. Television manufacturing, medical equipment, technological developments are just some of the industries that have demanded more support from the state government, which is something that Alejandro Monraz is planning on doing. Adding to this was also to create incentives for innovative projects.

Modernizing public transport is another need in Tijuana. Monraz mentioned that there needed to be better rates and better vehicles, and should he become the next Mayor of Tijuana, he will make an effort to come to an agreement with union public transportation leaders.

Another aspect is to increase the economic activity in the region by supporting entrepreneurs with incentives that will generate more employment opportunities for young professionals. Having a competitive Tijuana is the key to development.

The population growth of the cycling community is something that is also seen in his plan. The candidate spoke about the creation of bicycle routes, and also the support on programs that promote cycling in the entire population.

The relationship with San Diego

Because of his great political career, Monraz had the opportunity to meet several times with Bob Filner, current mayor of San Diego, as well with American consuls and many businessmen. Part of his proposals is to build on these relationships for the regions benefit.

Part of this link is to disseminate the new Tijuana, which currently is a safer city for both its resident and the neighbors across the border, so that they can enjoy the great cuisine that the region has to offer, and have the confidence to come to visit relatives and get to know and enjoy the surrounding areas. Alejandro Monraz said that he cannot see a local government without a binational relationship with San Diego.

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