Father defends son from gay comment

“Actually, I just want him to grow up to be whatever he is supposed to be.”

Father defends son from gay commentSofia the first.
Sofia the first.

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When going shopping, the reasons why a parent tells their child no, varies. Sometimes it may be because something is too expensive, no money, or simply just because they do not want to. This time, the reason was because the father of a young boy named Sam thought his son already had too many movies.

This is not something unusual, but this story has a twist. Here is what Sam’s father published on Facebook of what happened that day.

The creator of this series, Craig Geber, found out what happened and wrote on his blog in the Huffington Post, "When I tell people about Sofia the First, they are surprised I have two boys and no daughters. But that's one of the things my children have taught me. Stories resonate when there's something they can relate to."

Just like in many movies and stories, this one also has a happy ending.



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